Crytek wants PS4/Xbox 720 to have 8GB of RAM

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Crytek wants PS4/Xbox 720 to have 8GB of RAM

Post by [PDE]Taj on Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:08 pm

Crysis 2 dev hopes for 16 times more RAM in next-gen consoles

Crytek, who's Crysis games are some of the most resource-hungry on PC, wants to see Sony and Microsoft's next consoles get 16 times more RAM than the current machines.

Crytek's R&D principal graphics engineer Tiago Sousa has said the current console's most restrictive attribute for visual detail is their lack of RAM. "My finger-pointing at Microsoft/Sony would really be on the memory side," he told Digital Foundry. "It's way too low, and the biggest crippling factor from a visual perspective," added Sousa.

So we need more RAM, he says. How much? A lot. "I would really like to see next-gen console platforms with a minimum of 8GB," said Sousa.

The developer managed to get Crysis 2 looking pretty sweet with 360 and PS3's 512MB of RAM though, don't you think?


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