MW3: Large, Destructible Environments

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MW3: Large, Destructible Environments

Post by [PDE]PaulKersey on Tue May 24, 2011 6:58 pm

The biggest shift for the game appears to be in its breadth. We're told that Modern Warfare 3 will take place on a much larger, epic scale. It appears the game will explore the lead up to a blossoming set of engagements that could pull in other countries, creating a potential World War III scenario. The game will also feature large, urban destructible environments.

The focus on larger maps and destructible environments brings to mind competitor Electronic Arts' Battlefield series which made a name for itself with those two keystones. Battlefield 3 is also set for a 2011 fall release, meaning the two games could in theory be vying directly with one another for gamers' attention. Battlefield 3, as shown by EA in previous events this year, will take place in a modern setting and feature large maps and destructible environments.

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I had been wanting this for so long! There are lots of people saying that this would ruin COD, but COD's been ruined already in my opinion.

Unless people want to keep buying a full priced map pack for years to come, this should be something more to add to the series. I don't know if the new teams are up to it over at Activision, but if they get the mechanics and DEDICATED SERVERS right, some of us could finally move on from COD4/WAW and get a MW3 server we all can play (maybe?).

So many console gamers are complaining about things saying it will be a Battlefield clone or how can 12 players work on large maps haha. For one, I think we should wait and see because it may not be what we think. It may not even be what I hope.

The people here on this other forum seems to think so basic saying that COD will turn slow. How come it has to be slow? Is it because Battlefield is slow? Why totally think of Battlefield? Why not base it on COD with expansive environments? Call Of Duty World At War has tanks and the biggest environments in the series and it's still fast - ask Chaos hehe.

I would like for you to be able to swim under a sheet of ice to a different area of the map and flank the enemy (and 4+ player co-op campaign). That's just me. Let's hear your opinions. Like? Dislike? Why? Let's hear it!

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Post by PDE]Chaos Theory on Wed May 25, 2011 1:54 am




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Re: MW3: Large, Destructible Environments

Post by [PDE]Kokomaaab on Wed May 25, 2011 12:29 pm

All I got to say is that im happy to see the 2 games on challenge cuz this way both will focus more on the game and not release every year a different one just for money.

I prefer games which their singleplayer is based on real facts, like Call of Duty series are mostly based on real wars. So CoD MW3 and Battlefield 3.

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Re: MW3: Large, Destructible Environments

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