zippyman69's Application

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zippyman69's Application

Post by zippyman69 on Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:28 am

Name: Wyatt
In-game Name: zippyman69
Country: United States
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Age: 19

You Have CoD 4?: Yes I do.
You Have CoD 5?: Yes I do.

How much long you play in PDE Servers?: I play about 1 to 2 hours on this server whenever I play. It is the best server to play on.

Any Special Skill? I can play pretty much any role in any game mode. I like to be versatile with skills so if a certain skill is needed I can fill that spot so the game can continue.

Introduce Yourself: I'm 19 and I am a college student. I play for fun and competition. I enjoy playing Call of Duty World at War over any other Call of Duty because let's face it, it is the best one around. I also play other games like Battlefield 3, PAYDAY 2, Crysis, and a lot of other FPS games. I don't really get into the new CoD's. Other than that, I'm a pretty funny guy who doesn't use vulgar language or get angry at other players and spit profanity left and right. I'm laid back but can take the games serious if need be such as a competition game. I like to follow server rules.

What do you think about PDE?: PDE seems like a great group for me to join! Group members that I have played with have been extremely kind and helpful and they always play by the rules and make the game fun for everyone! I always come to PDE servers to play because of these reasons.

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Re: zippyman69's Application

Post by [PDE]Stratokaster on Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:43 pm

Hey..welcome here! Have a look at the post about the requirements to become a PDE and see you ingame!


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