Requesting Contribution For Server XP

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Requesting Contribution For Server XP

Post by [XtG] Drygore on Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:20 pm

Hello PDE!
I not sure if any of your members remember our clan "XtG"
We hosted back in the day on CoDWaW and was fairly popular.
Was wondering if you can contribute your information on how to get past the patch for the powerleveling method you guys use on SKULLCRACKED Server (CoDWaW) would be really awesome for you guys if you could contribute this "coding" to us so we can benifit from it like you guys have. Would love to battle you guys some time once we get our clan setup right.
if you do not wish to contribute this "coding" then i completely understand.
See me on your servers sometimes Smile - [XtG] Drygore..
Thanks PDE In Advance.
[XtG] Drygore

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