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DexioHDs Application

Post by DexioHD on Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:14 pm

Name: Jake Wood
In-game Name: DexioHD
You Have CoD 4?:Yes
You Have CoD 5?:Yes

How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?:Ive just started recently about 2 days ago but i am looking for a community and this one caught my attention.
What are you good at? Any game skills? i can pretty much use anything in the game to its full potential

Introduce Yourself:Well as you can already tell my name is Jake but i prefer being called by my game name i was on  a pro gaming team on call of duty 4 when it first came out i chose to leave my team dues to wanting to expand my gaming preferences ever since I've just loved tinkering with PCs and gaming at a expert level I'm a super friendly guy i don't talk trash a lot just look to have good conversation and have fun. i also work from home and I'm available to play pretty much whenever.

What do you think about PDE?: well from playing for a couple of hours i noticed that everyone is super friendly the admins are active against hackers and quick to help with problems and i wanted to join the community and be apart of it.

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