^A Change In Recruitment^

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^A Change In Recruitment^

Post by [PDE]PaulKersey on Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:03 am

The good ol' folks at PDE have decided to make temporary changes to the recruitment requirements. As you all know (if you have read the requirements), you had to be age 18 or over to join to ensure you are serious about staying with the family and that you can make better judgments.

There will be an open window, starting now, that we will review the strengths of potential members in other areas of the clan. We are always watching and we recognize people.

Still, you will have to be active. This isn't a name wearing clan. You have to have motivation for your family to grow and you have to work for it. This will be your family and your server(s).

It will pay off in the end. This is your chance to become a bigger part of something.

So...Start Applying Now

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