Skyrim - How To REALLY Stop CTDs (Crash To Desktop) - FIX!

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Skyrim - How To REALLY Stop CTDs (Crash To Desktop) - FIX!

Post by [PDE]PaulKersey on Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:36 pm

You Will Need SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor
By default, it should work without needing to set up anything.

You can also use a very useful log to see how things are working with memory allocation provided by the great Sheson, finder of the Skyrim fix:
Memory Blocks Log

Make sure to endorse him on his page. He deserves every endorsement, kudos, and thanks.

Now, to explain all of this is long time Skyrim video maker and modder Gopher. He made sure he thoroughly tested all of this and will be explained pretty clearly in this video below. It may be too long for some, but it's worth it. So, grab something to eat/drink or do a few exercises and check it out.

Below is the author's description of his Memory Blocks Log

Sheson wrote:The Question

Since posting about the patch one important question to answer is, how much memory to pre-allocate for the first block (DefaultHeap). There is no need to pre-allocate a much larger block for the than the game will actually need. In fact doing so can have a negative impact, because other parts of the game need memory as well and the more is pre-allocated to this specific block the less is available to the other processes.

Remember, we are not telling the game to use more memory, we are telling it to pre-allocate the first block (DefaultHeap) in one big continuous chunk instead of the default small chunk and later using additional smaller chunks somewhere else.

The Answer

MemoryBlocksLog is a SKSE plugin that writes the sizes of the two memory blocks DefaultHeap and ScrapHeap to a logfile whenever more memory is committed to them. Check the readme.txt in the zip for more info about how to install and how to use it.

After installation and verifying that it writes to the logfile start a game to find the highest needed value for your setup. Find the busy spots with lots of cell data. Windhelm Harbour comes to mind, the Rift or Solitude Harbour. It is typically the exterior spots where you had ILS.

If the reported size reaches the patch value, increase it by 128MB and test again.

If the reported size does not reach the patch value, take the highest value reported for Block1 (DefaultHeap) from the logfile and add a few Megabytes, for example 20 or 30MB, as buffer.

Do not use patch values below the default 256MB.

The size of Block2 (ScrapHeap) is just reported for completeness. It should never go over 256MB unless new patch information is discovered. It is recommended not to change it.


This is a plugin for Skyrim Script Extender SKSE so you need SKSE

Copy MemoryBlocksLog.dll and MemoryBlocksLog.ini into the SKSE plugin folder.
data / skse /plugins

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